Welcome to my first official Blog post ! (Version 2)

I am a professional ACTOR, SINGER, VOICE ARTIST like most people, currently working from home recording commercial and corporate voice overs. I am aiming to increase my presence on Social Media;

Instagram markinscoe_actor

Twitter @markinscoe

I am also lucky enough to be currently performing live with WEST END ON SEA at THE WARREN FESTIVAL, BRIGHTON. A ‘covid safe’ space with socially distanced seating – with a group of friends, all top musical theatre actors. Until September 18th 2020.





One thought on “Welcome to my first official Blog post ! (Version 2)

  1. While I don’t have the talent to have in musical theatre- being part of the audience is incredible. I do feel as if I become a character on stage. Musicals are something that I really miss- can’t wait till they come back- in my case, have to wait for Charlotte’s Blumenthal Performing Arts to open up again


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