Mack & Mabel reviews 22-July 2015


Stephen Collins

Mark Inscoe oozes charm from every pore as WB Taylor managing that perfect blend of smarmy faux sophistication and wily predator with consummate ease.


Michael Coveney

Like Singin’ in the Rain (which Church directed here and in the West End) Mack and Mabel is poised at the birth of the talkies in Hollywood, and a decisive lurch towards more “psychological” acting, represented by Mark Inscoe‘s dapper and persuasive William Desmond Taylor, tugging Mabel out of her comfort zone. Other enjoyable references are made to movie legends Frank Capra (Gunnar Cauthery) and Fatty Arbuckle (Jack Edwards), who, like Desmond Taylor, was later embroiled in scandal and murder.


Jonathan Baz

Mark Inscoe’s William Desmond Taylor is an elegantly competitive cad to Sennett, whilst Jack Edwards’ Fatty (Arbuckle) similarly adds a convincing layer.

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